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StruxureWare software FAQs

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What is StruxureWare software?

StruxureWare™ software is a unique platform of integrated applications and suites that delivers visibility into energy and resource use across an organization. Users can access accurate and actionable data from shop floor to top floor, enabling their companies to conserve enterprise resources, optimize business performance, and manage a sustainability strategy proactively and effectively.

What is a StruxureWare software ‘suite’?

A StruxureWare software suite is a collection of applications focused on a specific end-market segment. The suite is a “virtual container” of software applications that help different users within an organization achieve their objectives; for example, a CEO can track carbon to ensure compliance while a facilities manager can monitor PLCs and field devices. In some cases, the software applications are specifically engineered for a particular suite. In other situations, the same software applications may be used in several segments but will have libraries that deliver segment-specific functionality.

Will the range of StruxureWare software suites be expanded in the future?

New StruxureWare software suites will be added periodically to address the needs of specific customer market segments.

What are the key values that StruxureWare software delivers?

Each application delivers unique user value. The overall consistency and integration of StruxureWare software provides an enhanced level of business efficiency. Other benefits include integrated information systems; enhanced software interoperability; improved commissioning speeds; more powerful decision-making tools; compelling new applications; and scalable platforms. Combined, these benefits will result in lower operating and capital expenses for organizations.

What is EcoStruxure Web Services?

EcoStruxure Web Services is a technology that enables and streamlines cross-application communication within StruxureWare software. This common language for data exchange will be ‘spoken’ by each of the StruxureWare software applications, providing users with a powerful way to share data across the various applications.

What are the benefits of EcoStruxure Web Services?

The benefits of EcoStruxure Web Services are wide-ranging — from the ability to harvest data from various applications to the increased speed of commissioning to the heightened accuracy of data sets. Users will get the data they need, where and when they need it.

What is the relationship between StruxureWare software and EcoStruxure architecture?

StruxureWare software is an integral component of EcoStruxure™ integrated hardware and software system architecture. EcoStruxure architecture comprises compatible product designs to enable seamless integration of hardware components; professional services to optimize every stage of a facility’s lifecycle; and StruxureWare software to support and enable an integrated enterprise encompassing five critical business domains: Power; Process and Machines; IT Room/Data Centres; Buildings; and Security.

Is there a partner or channel program associated with StruxureWare software?

To deliver the strongest possible solution and value to the market, StruxureWare software will be complemented by the new, overarching Schneider Electric partner program: EcoStruxure Technology Partner Program. It is a technical validation and branding program that identifies and promotes partners and their associated products and solutions that work within EcoStruxure™ integrated architecture or have been tested and approved for interoperability with the StruxureWare software suites. At this time, the program is focused exclusively on the testing and validation of StruxureWare software integrations.

Technology partners are companies that have developed or intend to develop software or hardware that will work within EcoStruxure™ integrated architecture or have been tested and approved for interoperability with StruxureWare software.

‘StruxureWare Tested and Approved’ is a designation that represents the highest level of endorsement for software created by EcoStruxure Technology Partners. These partners must develop their software in accordance with strict Schneider Electric standards and then submit the product to our labs for testing and validation. Once approved, the product may display the ‘StruxureWare Tested and Approved’ label and be promoted accordingly.

How is Schneider Electric positioned relative to its competition for enterprise efficiency software?

Only StruxureWare software eliminates the Information Gap that has traditionally existed between informational and operational technology roles. Working in both realms across a web-based platform, StruxureWare software enables users to see, measure, and manage critical energy and other resource data across an enterprise. Most enterprise efficiency software works in the informational realm only.

Has the company received any external validation of the StruxureWare software offer?

Yes. In the Verdantix Green Quadrant® Energy Management Software (Global) 2013 report, Schneider Electric was named to the Leaders’ Quadrant for its StruxureWare software offer; specifically, StruxureWare Resource Advisor and Energy Operation. IBM and CA Technologies were the only other companies to receive this designation.

(Source: Verdantix Green Quadrant® Energy Management Software (Global) 2013)

How does the StruxureWare software offer complement company strategy?

Schneider Electric has reached a leadership position in energy efficiency. Now the company is focusing its research agenda on the optimization of customer core processes, including energy. Optimizing a mine 'from pit to port', a distribution grid, or even an entire city will require the management, analysis, and ultimately,  'sense-making' of vast amounts of data — in many cases, beyond the reach of traditional IT technologies. In-memory databases, 'big data', and machine learning will become key topics on the Schneider Electric research agenda. Deeply integrated with the broad Schneider Electric portfolio of operational control solutions, these techniques will allow companies to mine the efficiency gap between enterprise-class systems (ERPs) and traditional automation systems. The StruxureWare software offer is a key element in meeting the objective to deliver meaningful customer value.