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StruxureWare Supply Chain Operation


Maximise performance of your supply chain: from resource to market


StruxureWare Supply Chain Operation is a “One-Version-of-the-Truth” integrated supply chain planning and optimisation solution. It empowers strategic and operational planning, tactical scheduling and logistics optimisation for individual locations, multiple sites, and enterprise environments.
Planning systems can be configured for the appropriate time horizons; this creates alignment and also ensures best practice from a data and planning integrity point of view.

Start small and grow, and build on what you own

StruxureWare applications allow you to add additional applications incrementally, while a 'plug and play' design ensures the applications will connect seamlessly. Additionally, open standards mean StruxureWare applications will work with virtually any software, hardware, or system you're already using, so there's no need to start over.





  • Reduce planning time
  • Increase productivity and lower per item costs
  • Obtain full visibility of all operations and inventories
  • Optimise across all planning and scheduling horizons
  • Evaluate the impact of your business rules, processes and constraints

Where you’ll find this software application


Case Studies

  • Schneider Electric to deliver a comprehensive demand chain planning and scheduling system for Roy Hill Iron Ore Australia. The high throughput projection and linear nature of the demand chain (a single mine, process plant, rail track, car dumper and shiploader operating out of a tidal and capacity constrained port) requires RHIO to be able to optimise from resource-to-market. This is achieved through the development of completely integrated operating philosophies underpinned by world-class optimisation technology.