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StruxureWare SCADA Expert





ClearSCADA benefits

  • Control total cost of managing and operating remote assets    
  • Ensure secure and reliable operations across wide area network        
  • Maximize asset productivity and operational efficiency

Vijeo Citect benefits

  • Scalability for changing times
  • Flexibility because your process is unique
  • Optimization of your assets, resources and production for efficiency
  • Improving decision making with accurate and timely information
  • Gaining a more holistic picture of your processes and energy consumption
  • Reducing engineering cost, time and risk
  • Securing your automation investment with enhanced product quality, security and supportability
  • Tightening asset security and helping to improve operator effectiveness
  • Maintain your investment throughout the lifecycle through Schneider Electric's commitment to providing technology updates and on going, high quality support

Make the most of your assets while conserving enterprise resources


For your remote applications, StruxureWare SCADA Expert ClearSCADA is an integrated and scalable SCADA software optimized for managing remote assets spread across geographically dispersed infrastructure, with secure and reliable capabilities, and easy connectivity to business and IT systems.

At plant level, StruxureWare SCADA Expert Vijeo Citect offers powerful visualisation capabilities and operational features, it delivers actionable insight faster, enabling operators to respond quickly to process disturbances and thereby increase their effectiveness.


Start small and grow, and build on what you own

StruxureWare applications allow you to add additional applications incrementally, while a 'plug and play' design ensures the applications will connect seamlessly. Additionally, open standards mean StruxureWare applications will work with virtually any software, hardware, or system you're already using, so there's no need to start over.


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