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StruxureWare Resource Advisor

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Energy and environmental reporting at your fingertips


This comprehensive Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform provides easy access to enterprise-wide energy, carbon, and other resource data, reports, and summaries. Advanced data capture capabilities deliver audit-grade information; customizable dashboards enable at-a-glance performance checks. Manage projects, make decisions, and drive your energy management and sustainability strategies with confidence.


Start small and grow, and build on what you own

StruxureWare applications allow you to add additional applications incrementally, while a 'plug and play' design ensures the applications will connect seamlessly. Additionally, open standards mean StruxureWare applications will work with virtually any software, hardware, or system you're already using, so there's no need to start over.





  • Analyze energy use and spend
  • Track carbon, water, waste and other environmental footprints
  • Monitor energy and carbon markets
  • Manage performance metrics and benchmark data
  • Share results with key stakeholders




Sustainability Services


Case studies

  • An appliance manufacturer implemented 28 source stream collection, project scenario planning with Resource Advisor. The company now has 40+ points fed from Resource Advisor into operations-level software, Energy Operation, to track and manage energy and resources.

  • An entertainment venue company benefited from streamlined data collection in combination with energy cost and usage reporting and customized metric reporting on Resource Advisor. The company has realized a 100%+ ROI through hard dollar savings and increased staff efficiencies.

  • A 100-year old industrial controls business customized its approach to sustainability data collection and reporting for its 300-site footprint spanning more than 80 countries. The company gained 100% accountability and 100% visibility into the completeness and accuracy of their sustainability data.