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StruxureWare Plant Operation





Ampla Benefits:

  • Increases operational efficiencies
  • Reduces energy consumption
  • Highly configurable and flexible, managed from a single unified configuration environment with support for on-line changes
  • Supports continuous improvement programs because functionality can be added incrementally without upsetting existing operations
  • Connects to all major brand SCADA and Historian systems performance.

Historian Benefits:

  • Includes powerful, easy-to-use reporting tools
  • Provides out-of-the-box sample reports, such as alarm management reports based on EEMUA 191 guidelines, and energy report
  • Can be automatically configured and synchronized with your StruxureWare SCADA Expert Vijeo Citect system for reduced setup costs and maintenances
  • Includes an intuitive visualization tool, Process Analyst, to easily view and analyze plant processes on a single, integrated display

Increase operational efficiency across your plant while driving energy and cost savings


StruxureWare Plant Operation Ampla is Schneider Electric’s leading operation management software, designed to assist in the optimization of production processes performance and energy usage, by delivering real time access to plant and business information. Plant Operation Ampla makes it possible to capture data from multiple disparate sources, then aggregate and transform it into manageable information for productivity analysis, data mining, querying and reporting.
StruxureWare Plant Operation Vijeo Historian is a powerful plant-wide reporting tool that delivers business critical data for real-time decision support. By using the information provided by Plant Operation Vijeo Historian, you will be able to make more effective decisions toward optimizing operational performance.


Start small and grow, and build on what you own

StruxureWare applications allow you to add additional applications incrementally, while a 'plug and play' design ensures the applications will connect seamlessly. Additionally, open standards mean StruxureWare applications will work with virtually any software, hardware, or system you're already using, so there's no need to start over.


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