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StruxureWare Building Expert

Building Expert screenshot

Integrated building management for small and medium sized buildings


StruxureWare Building Expert delivers programmable control and enables 24/7 monitoring of HVAC, lighting, and metering systems – all at an affordable price. Powering the SmartStruxure Lite solution, the application optimizes energy consumption without compromising on comfort. Being a no-license-fee Web interface, Building Expert offers the lowest fixed cost per location for small and medium buildings.

Start small and grow, and build on what you own

StruxureWare applications allow you to add additional applications incrementally, while a 'plug and play' design ensures the applications will connect seamlessly. Additionally, open standards mean StruxureWare applications will work with virtually any software, hardware, or system you're already using, so there's no need to start over.





  • Get local and remote control of your systems
  • Optimize your energy consumption with custom programs
  • Simplify day-to-day operations
  • Gain freedom of choice through embedded open protocols
  • Visualize relevant information through dashboards and maps