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Labeling machines 42 to 240 I/O



The guarantee performance and flexibility for your installation...  

Main Benefits

Dedicated to mid machines, requiring performances, this architecture combines a CANopen network with Modicon M258 programmable controller, Altivar 32 / 71 variable speed drive or Lexium 32 servo drives and Magelis XBT GT display unit. This implementation guarantees modularity, flexibility and openness of your installation, due to the performance and efficiency of CANopen and Ethernet IP.

Machine Performance / Flexibility 
• High level of adaptability with M258 extension modules and the CANopen openness and Ethernet IP.
• Perfect association drives ATV32 & servos drives LMX32 (size, format, tools)

Time to market / One software - One connection
• SoMachine combines in One single software the HMI and Controller programming tools.
• One connection to configure and to program
• Easy and quick to connect variable speed drive and servo drives on CANopen.
• Pre-defined application function blocks and libraries for easy programming.



Performance packaging
Compact / CANopen / Logic controller / M258

industrial m238
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