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HVAC/R Machine Control


Simplify HVAC&R machine programming and commissioning with SoHVAC


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AHU (Air handling unit)

Customized performance solutions for AHU




Integrated AHU controls that optimize energy efficiency, flexibility and openness
Customised performance solutions for AHU picture 

Main Benefits

Dedicated to Air Handling Unit (AHU) machines, this architecture provides the best solution for AHU that require modularity, flexibility and integrated controls. This architecture implementation as a dedicated control panel combine circuit breakers, variable speed drives for fans, sensors and a controller with IO modules that bring modularity and flexibility. Native connectivity for the AHU is available through Modbus or connectivity to various BMS networks (BACnet MS/TP, BACnet IP, Modbus TCP....) through the optional communication module. Moreover, the Modicon M168 programmable logic controller provides dedicated functions to enhance energy efficient controls of your AHU.

Modularity and flexibility

  • High level of modularity with M168 IO base+ I/O expansion module allow to address a wide range of AHU configurations

Save 50 % in design time and installation time

  • Fully integrated control panel from circuit breakers, variable speed drives to sensors and actuators
  • Fully customizable application programs available for several AHU configurations
  • Predefined CAD diagrams and complete system user guide

Energy efficiency

  • Energy efficient solutions for discharge & room temperature control plus variable air flow management with Varable Speed Drive


  • Plug & Play connectivity to the more commonly used BMS protocols (Modbus, BACnet MS/TP, BACnet IP, LON)


Optimized HVAC/Air Handling unit
Compact / Hardwired / Programmable Logic controller / M168

Related functions

Plant mode control

AHU temperature control
  Drive communication control 

Main characteristics

  • Controller:   Controller: TM168D23CS + IO expansion TM168E17
  • Software:  SoHVAC for M168 controller
  • Motor control: Variable speed drive ATV21 for supply/return fans control
  • Remote Display: TM168GDB graphic display for human/ machine interface.
  • Connectivity:   Modbus RTU Master & Slave ; Optional BACnet MS/TP; BACnet IP; Modbus TCP
  • Sensors:   NTC; PTC;PT1000; 0-5V;0-10V ; 0/4-20 mA duct sensors for air temperature, Air Static pressure sensor
  • Actuators: Water valves

Solution Breakdown

Main products & systems:

  • Ø22 metallic signalling units: Harmony XB4
  • Plastic control stations, for Harmony XB5: Harmony XALD, XALK
  • Contactors 0.06 kW to 75 kW: TeSys d
  • Circuit breakers 0.37 kW to 15 kW: TeSys GV2 
  • Soft starters for simple machines 0.37 kW to 75 kW: Altistart 01 
  • Switch disconnectors: TeSys mini-vario, vario 
  • Actuators (valves & dampers)
  • Circuit-breakers from 100 to 630A: Compact NSX<630A 
  • NTC temperature sensor (partner offer)
  • Air Static pressure sensor (partner offer)
  • HVAC & R logic controller - Modicon M168
  • HVAC & R machine programming software - SoHVAC 
  • Drives for HVAC machines - Altivar 212 
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