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Industrial Solutions


                    Unity Pro™ Software with the all new LL984 Editor


                    Improve your productivity with the new LL984 editor for Modicon PLCs

                    Maximize your past investment in Modicon® PLCs by updating your development software to the new Unity Pro editor with ladder Logic. Built specifically for Modicon PLC users, the new LL984 editor allows you to keep your existing programming algorithms and add additional connectivity and functionality available only with modern processors. Best of all, you even get to manage it all from within a language and interface that you already know and recognize.


                    Simplify the upgrade of your Modicon PLCs


                    And as the original manufacturer of your PLC, we have in-depth knowledge of your equipment and have used that knowledge to develop software tools and quick wiring adapters that reduce the risk, time and cost of upgrading your controllers to our state-of-the-art Modicon PLCs.



                    Get your new LL984 Editor free

                    For a limited time, we’re proving how easy it is to update your Ladder Logic program by giving you our new Unity Pro Development Software with the all new LL984 Editor free.