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Emergency Lighting Control Panelboard Solutions


                      Emergency Lighting Control Panelboard

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                      With the Emergency Lighting Control Panelboard by Schneider Electric, design, installation, inspection, and ongoing testing requirements for emergency lighting are streamlined. Energy efficiency is gained by allowing the normal use of schedule, switch, and occupancy-sensor device controls to be shared on emergency lighting circuits. This innovative, centralized, control solution for emergency lighting is a fail safe approach in support of improved sustainability.

                       Simplifies Design Process Top product 2012 > Emergency Lighting Control Panelboard

                      • Integrates multiple ALCR and emergency lighting breakers into a centralized, self contained panelboard
                      • Consolidates standard lighting fixtures with emergency lighting
                      • Provides ability to share lighting controls such as timers, switches, and occupancy sensors with emergency egress lighting

                      Speeds Installation and Inspection

                      • Factory assembled panelboard ships complete and installs quickly and easily reducing labor time and costs
                      • Space saving design with less wiring and easy access
                      • Inspection is easy, fast, and fail-safe with self contained ALCR NEC controls and certification labeling

                      Supports Sustainability

                      • Normal use of schedule, switch, and occupancy-sensor device controls to be shared on emergency lighting circuits reduces energy waste
                      • Reduced wiring and lighting fixtures needed
                      • Easily supports centralized power source (Generator or UPS) for emergency lighting eliminating distributed emergency batteries

                      Streamlines Maintenance Testing

                      • Patented “switch test”
                      • Visible LEDs for utility and emergency power diagnostics
                      • Centralized location for facility-wide emergency lighting maintenance and testing
                      • Easier testing and maintenance procedure, reduces operational time and costs


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                      Product Video: Emergency Egress Lighting Control Panel

                      Product Video: Emergency Egress Lighting Control Panel 

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