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Demand Response Solutions


    Demand Response Solutions


    Schneider Electric Demand Response and Smart Grid Services

    Problems and challenges facing the energy industry today call for nothing short of a complete transformation. Schneider Electric innovations provide a positive catalyst in the shaping of this new industry. We simplify the complex challenges facing the industry today by bringing total solutions to the energy industry.

    Demand Response enables energy consumers to participate actively in energy markets. By modifying their demand profiles to fit the characteristics of efficient energy supply, the entire energy grid becomes more efficient, costs less to operate, and emits less carbon. Unfortunately, the existing energy grid is not designed to integrate such active demand profiling with energy generation and supply.

    Simply stated, this is the reason for emerging Smart Grid initiatives worldwide. Demand Response, or Active Demand Management, is the key application that allows efficient interaction between energy demand, energy supply and energy transport. Schneider equipment touches 72% of the world’s electrons on their way from Plant to Plug making Schneider a globally trusted expert in this emerging arena.

    Our increasing interest and reliance on renewable resources makes this an urgent issue. Many such resources are, by nature, intermittent. Through automation, rapid communications, and enhanced data services, demand side resource can compensate for this more rapidly and more cleanly than traditional fossil generation. The challenge is how to accomplish this for reasonable cost and without disruptive, uncomfortable, or unsafe impacts on customers.

    Schneider Electric can help meet these challenges:

    Demand Response is not new. From Time of Use rates to ISO centric energy, capacity and ancillary services to automated DR, energy companies have decades of demand management experience. What is new is the emerging impact of “Demand Response 2.0” , solar, wind, and plug in electric vehicles. Massive data loads, cyber security, rising customer expectations and regulatory coordination all challenge our energy industry in unprecedented ways. Schneider Electric can be your trusted energy advisor to help navigate these waters. We are dedicated to helping you make the most of your energy.

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