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Data Center


Large Data Centers


Data Center physical infrastructure for data centers greater than 1 MW capacity

One company to call for the planning, design, build, remote monitoring, maintenance, and upgrade for the entire data center

Availability you prefer: N, N+1, 2N, or 2 N+1, with efficiency, density and scalability your business needs


    Schneider Electric's 20 MW Modular Data Center Design





    Schneider Electrics 20 MW modular large data center solution consisting of 4 PODs with medium to high density.

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    How Schneider Electric can help

    • One unique Schneider Electric point of contact for the whole project
    • Relationships that complete the circle of industry touch-points to make your project a success
    • Applied expertise and in-house Intellectual capital across all data center domains and at all stages in the lifecycle of your data center
    • Complete Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) - open, cross domain and vendor neutral interoperability enabling your data center to be business-wise future-driven
    • Thought leadership that steer the data center industry

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    Solutions ideal for low density IT infrastructure to support future business & technology changes with standardized, modular designs with. Also supports branch office and satellite closets.


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