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Solutions Partner Program


            Software Kit


            For Industry Partners: the Industry Partner Software Kit

            The Industry Partner Software Kit includes a group of programming software products and subscription services built around Unity Pro™, our state-of-the-art IEC 61131-3 programming, debugging and operating software. The kit includes a well-balanced complimentary family of high performance software:

            • Unity Pro control software
            • Concept™ control software
            • ProWORX™ 32 control software
            • Vijeo Designer™ HMI software
            • Vijeo Citect™ Buildtime Software and Runtime Keys
            • Low cost options for :
              • SoMachine Solution Software
              • Vijeo Citect SCADA

            The purchase of the Industry Partner Software Kit comes with one year of Bronze Level service support. Customers have access to telephone support during regular business hours (Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. EST) with response time within two hours. Plus, they can easily access product information, resolutions, downloads, software updates, FAQs, etc. through Eclipse, Schneider Electric Service’s customizable website. Access to Vijeo Citect support is 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM based on customer’s time zone.

            Industry Partner Software Kit with Bronze Level Support

            Description  Part Number
            Industry Partner Software Kits 
            • 1 seat
            • 3 seat
            • 10 seat
            Low cost options:  
            • Vijeo Citect SCADA     2 keys **
            • SoMachine  Software
            • 1 seat license**
            • 3 seat license**
            • 10 seat license**
            **Can only be purchased with Alliance or Industry Partner Software suites  
            * Starts in second year  

            For Alliance Partners: the Alliance Service Pack

            More than a DVDMore than a DVD box
            This box contains the main software tools customers need to engineer their industrial automation projects: Engineering, SCADA, HMI, Networks, Control, Distributed I/O, Controllers, Application Libraries, and Drives.


            3 options available to meet your business needs:  
            • AllianceProBL
            10 seat with 4 SCADA keys & Connexview
            • AllianceBL10
            10 seat with 2 SCADA keys
            • AllianceBL03
            3 seat with 1 SCADA key

            Online Software Content
            Other software tools are available on the Alliance Extranet for Alliance members to download whenever and wherever they need them. When members receive their Alliance Service Pack, they will also receive all the details needed to authorize their company’s copy of any software tool in this pack, including those on the DVD or downloaded from the Alliance Extranet. (The Alliance Pro Service Pack includes additional software for networking as well as engineering tools.)

            12 month Subscription
            Tools in the pack come with a 12-month Software Update Subscription. Any new releases*, patches, or hot fixes will be published on the Alliance Extranet. Members can find out about the newest software releases in our monthly newsletters.

             * * Except for Vijeo Designer and Sycon Software, for which the rights for new releases are not included.

            Select the desired package option


            Part Number
            • Alliance Service Pack 3 seat
            • Alliance Service Pack 10 seat
            • Alliance Pro Service Pack

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