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              Did you know that we provide 99% of the components you need to build simply and efficiently your control panels?
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              Featured Products of the Month:

              TeSys N Contactors and Starters

              Combining NEMA robustness and IEC compactness to meet your customer NEMA specifications and optimize your panel space.

              TeSys N Contactors and Starters are based on the world’s best-selling line of contactors and starters, TeSys D and TeSys F by Schneider Electric. The TeSys range helps maximize convenience and reduce your inventory since they share overload relays and the most complete line of accessories in the industry.

              TeSys N contactors and starters cover NEMA sizes 00-7 and the NEMA Size is printed directly on the face of the contactor. TeSys N motor controls conform to NEMA ICS2 standards and are UL Listed, CSA Certified and CE marked.

              Click here for TeSys N contactor product details  

              TeSys N contactors and starters  

                Save control panel space and prevent condensation with ultra thin heaters

                For a limited time only, you can register to win a free sample of new ultra thin heater. These new products are very compact (1.6 mm in depth) and are easy to install thanks to their innovative velcro system.

                Note: Only customers (OEMs, industrial end users, control panel builders and system integrators) are eligible for this promotion. If you are a distributor and have customers who are interested in ultra thin heaters, please enter your customer's information or encourage your customer to visit and enter a keycode e140u to register.

                Save control panel space and prevent condensation with ultra thin heaters


                Information about Panel Building


                As a control panel builder your business serves your region and acts as a trusted source for OEMs and industrial end users. By partnering with Schneider Electric and taking advantage of the valuable resources, including product information, training, marketing incentives and other benefits, you can add value to your customers by designing and producing complete, enclosed control solutions with required approvals.

                By being a member of the Schneider Electric Solution Partner Program, you are able to:

                • Protect and enhance your position in the value chain by delivering solutions directly to end users
                • Benefit from a complete, competitive panel solution that is accepted by the market and can result in reduced risk related to delivery, quality, and service
                • Deliver products that provide space, cost, design time, and installation savings
                • Take advantage of dedicated resources for Control Panel Builders based on their specific needs

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