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Maximise your business performance


Leverage the collective knowledge of our worldwide network of Application Design Engineers (ADEs). These highly trained automation and control engineers are ready to help you optimise machine design to create more added value.

Collaboration from design to commissioning
Recruited directly from the industries they serve, ADEs share their field-tested expertise to co-engineer innovative new designs that will help you boost your business. They collaborate with you from design to programming, as well as in the commissioning of turnkey installations. They also help you to conduct performance testing, programming, panel building and project management.

Building on their many years of experience and diverse competencies, ADEs help you develop your business by:
- Designing innovative new machines
- Improving machine performance
- Increasing your competitiveness






Schneider Electric developing a solution expertise

To help you to increase your productivity and to decrease your costs in your machine operation, we created an innovation centre in the USA: discover it!



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