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                Energy Efficiency Solutions

                Products & Services


                Energy & Power Management Systems

                A study by the Energy Cost Savings Council showed that meters and monitors pay for themselves within six months, delivering a total return of 200 percent. PowerLogic systems provide real-time information and control — allowing you to manage energy usage, evaluate and negotiate supply contracts, manage billing and cost allocation, meet environmental protection goals and verify performance contracts.


                Square D® lighting control

                An inefficient lighting system can waste more than half the energy it consumes. According to the New Buildings Institute, lighting controls can reduce energy use by 50 percent in existing buildings and 35 percent in new construction. Square D lighting control solutions offer the kind of range and flexibility you won’t find anywhere else — whether you need a campus-wide networked system or a single conference room with multiple lighting scenes and shade control.


                Altivar® drives

                Variable frequency drives represent the most efficient method of part load control, producing energy savings of 50 percent or more. By matching motor output to required loads, you can immediately reduce energy consumption of pumps, fans and other high-usage motors — saving money and extending motor life.


                Square D energy-efficient transformers

                We’ve designed these transformers to meet or exceed the highest energy efficiency standards established by the Energy Policy Act of 2005. A typical model will see payback in as little as three years, compared with non-compliant models.


                Building Management Solutions

                Building management integration is critical to maximizing energy efficiency and reducing operational costs. Schneider Electric offers flexible solutions for virtually any facility control need — from scalable building automation systems to cutting-edge energy service programs. We’ll work with federal agencies to identify areas of improvement, ways to monitor results and the expected payback.


                Performance Contracting

                Performance contracting allows you to pay for facility energy conservation measures with energy budget savings. New, more efficient equipment and facility automation generate guaranteed utility savings, maximize energy efficiency and improve occupant comfort.



                Lighting accounts for up to 50 percent of a building’s total electrical demand. Juno by Schneider Electric leads the industry in bringing innovation to lighting — from energy-efficient lights to track systems that are affordable, flexible and installer-friendly. Just what federal agencies need to reduce energy bills and improve the bottom line.


                Square D Power Quality Correction

                Our experience in power factor correction and harmonic filtering can help reduce utility bills by improving power factor and reducing demand penalties. Also, improved power quality reduces costs for O&M, repair and replacement of energy consuming equipment and creates spare capacity for new loads on transformers that previously operated at maximum capacity.


                Transparent Ready®

                Using Transparent Ready power and control equipment allows access to an electrical system via a secure Ethernet connection. So federal agencies can monitor power usage and equipment status, identify unused capacity as well as peak usage and plan accordingly — all from a standard Web browser.


                Square D Services

                Improvements in operations and maintenance efficiencies or retrofit activities contribute to your overall energy conservation program. Square D Services offers comprehensive maintenance, upgrade and retrofit services to optimize existing equipment, increase safety, lower life cycle costs, and maximize power reliability.