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      ACE Program Mission


      The mission of the Automation & Control Excellence (ACE) program is to create a local network of resellers and solutions providers who share the key values of Schneider Electric, and help these distributors become trusted advisors for their end-user and OEM customers so they are viewed as the preferred source for automation and control products and solutions.

      Shared Values of Schneider Electric and ACE Distributors

      Schneider Electric’s intent is to develop automation and control excellence as close to our customers as
      possible. Therefore, local branches of our distributors must qualify for ACE eligibility on an individual basis.
      The foundation of the ACE program is built upon six pillars that our in-depth market research identified as
      most valued by our customers and distributors, including:

      • Inventory availability and delivery capability to the customer
      • Technical competence to support the customer
      • Market knowledge of the customer’s business
      • Market differentiation of the distributor
      • Assistance in the distributor’s demand generation activities
      • Assurance of the distributor’s return on investment in the automation and control business

      Click here to download the 2011 ACE Distributor Program Guide.