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Corporate Responsibilities

  Reference documents are distributed throughout the Group so that all team members can embrace this responsibility approach and apply it in line with local culture and legislation.

Principles of Responsibility
In a globalising world, our Principles of Responsibility provide a framework to guide each team member’s decisions and actions. The document outlines the Group’s commitments to each of its stakeholder groups, including employees, business partners, shareholders, the community and the planet.

Adopted in 2002 and updated in 2009, the Principles of Responsibility provide a frame of reference for each team member and for the Group as a whole.

All of the Group’s policies are aligned with the Principles of Responsibility.

Environmental issues
First published in 1992 and updated in 2004, Schneider Electric’s environmental policy was confirmed in 2007. It is designed to improve manufacturing processes, promote eco-design and integrate customer concerns in the area of environmental protection by fostering effective product and service solutions.

Social issues
Our Principles of Responsibility are Schneider Electric’s social charter. Across the Group, human resources policies are deployed governing diversity, hiring, international mobility, training, leadership competencies, total compensation and health.

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