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Compliance with international law and other commitments. Schneider Electric confirms its commitment to promote sustainable development in and participation in society-wide efforts to promote sustainable development.

> World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)
In March 2010, Schneider Electric joined the WBCSD, world leading organisation to promote sustainable development gathering more than 200 of the biggest corporations worldwide. Schneider Electric joined right after the WBCSD released the Manifesto for Energy efficiency in buildings, a document urging companies to implement simple best practices to save energy in their buildings*

> Know more about the WBCSD Energy Efficiency Manifesto for Buildings
> Know more about WBCSD 


> Alliance to Save Energy
In 2008, Schneider Electric announced that it has joined the Alliance to Save Energy. The Alliance to Save Energy is a coalition of prominent business, government, environmental, and consumer leaders working together to promote energy efficiency worldwide to achieve a healthier economy, a cleaner environment and greater energy security.

Schneider Electric’s belief that energy efficiency is the quickest, cheapest and most effective way to reach the global emissions targets is strongly aligned with the Alliance to Save Energy mission. Becoming an associate will allow Schneider Electric to more effectively advocate energy savings solutions in the industrial, building, residential, and data centre markets world wide.

Founded in 1977, and headquartered in Washington, DC, the Alliance has an ongoing record of success in working with public and private sector partners to promote a sustainable energy future.

> Apprenticeship Charter (France)
Schneider Electric has signed an apprenticeship charter in France. The charter grew out of the Group’s initiatives after Jean-Louis Borloo, the former French Minister for Employment, Social Cohesion and Housing chose Henri Lachmann to lead a specific mission to promote corporate support for developing apprenticeship.

> Bali Climate Change Conference
The Group participated as a signatory in the international climate change conference held in Bali in December 2007. Representatives from 190 countries attended the conference, for a total audience of more than 10,000.

> Clinton Climate Initiative
In 2007, Schneider Electric joined the Clinton Climate Initiative. This international initiative is designed to help the world’s forty largest cities reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by managing energy consumption in buildings more effectively.

> Diversity Charter
Schneider Electric signed the Diversity Charter launched by Institut Montaigne in 2004. Going beyond France, the Group has decided to apply the charter’s principles in all host countries or to update similar policies.

> French environmental summit
In 2007, France organized a national environmental summit that brought together all stakeholders to address today’s environmental challenges. Schneider Electric was involved in discussions on promoting energy efficiency.

> Global Compact
Launched in 1999 by UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, the Global Compact brings companies and non-governmental organizations together under the aegis of the United Nations to "unite the power of market with the authority of universal ideals". Schneider Electric publicly expressed its support for universal values by joining the Compact in December 2002. The Group has primarily worked to share this commitment with its partners since 2003.

> Nicolas Hulot’s pact for the environment
In 2007, the Group was the first industrial company to sign French environmentalist Nicolas Hulot’s pact for the environment, with the firm intention of integrating the majority of the pact’s ten objectives in its corporate strategy.

> Observatoire Social International
Schneider Electric also takes part in the work of the Observatoire Social International (OSI). It has signed on to the “right to lifelong education and training”, which aims to develop a relationship of partnership and co-responsibility between companies and educators and trainers.

> World Health Organisation
Schneider Electric uses the World Health Organisation’s definition of health in defining its policies ("Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity").

Standards organizations
Schneider Electric plays an active role within AFNOR, the French standards organization. In particular, it participates in the working group on sustainable development. The Group also works with international standards organizations in developing the standards that apply to its products:
> Union Technique de l’électricité et de la communication (UTE), 
> the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization (CENELEC),

> the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC),
> and the International Standards Organisation (ISO). 

Other associations
For many years, the Group has also actively supported Association pour le développement du mécénat (Admical), a French not-for-profit organisation involved in corporate sponsorship issues and Institut du mécénat social (IMS), an association that helps companies implement their corporate social responsibility policies. Lastly, the Group participates in work conducted by CSR Europe, notably in the area of occupational health.
Schneider Electric is a member of:
> the Board of Directors of the French study centre for corporate responsibility (ORSE), 
> the French Global Compact network. 

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