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Access to energy for communities

BipBop programme: developing access to a reliable, affordable and clean energy for the people at the Base of the Pyramid

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Discover Schneider Electric projects to help entrepreneurship, innovation and training in access to energy at the Base of the Pyramid (Bop).

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The context

1.6 billion people, or 300 million households, have no access to electricity. They earn less than 2 dollars per day:

  • 500 million live in India;
  • 100 million live in Indonesia, and a similar number in Bangladesh;
  • 70 million live in Nigeria; More than 220 million live in Sub-Saharan Africa.
    These poor families spend more than 15 dollars per month on energy.

The BipBop programme: Business, Innovation & People at the Base of the Pyramid

Schneider Electric has developed a sustainable programme to bring safe, clean electricity to the people who need it most worldwide. With the strong willingness to involve local communities and local stakeholders in each country, the BipBop programme addresses three key issues to provide sustainable access to electricity:

  • the lack of appropriate equipment through the development of an adequate offer;
  • the lack of financial resources available for innovative energy entrepreneurs through funding;
  • and the skills and expertise shortage through technical and business training.



BipBop objectives by the end of 2011

  • 1,000,000 households at the base of the pyramid have access to energy thanks to Schneider Electric solutions.
  • 10,000 young people at the base of the pyramid are trained in the electricity field.
  • 500 contractors at the base of the pyramid set up their activities in the electricity sector.

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