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SRI indexes


4 major SRI index families select Schneider Electric


3 is the number of major SRI index families who selected Schneider Electric in 2009 : ASPI Eurozone, DJSI STOXX and DJSI World.


Socially Responsible Investment incorporates extra-financial criteria (environmental, social and governance) into the selection of securities. To compile SRI funds, the financial institutions select the most highly-performing companies in their sector from a double selection, financial and extra-financial. They can therefore choose companies quoted in the SRI index families.

The four major families are:

  • Dow Jones Sustainability Index Stoxx (New York Stock Exchange)
  • Dow Jones Sustainability Index World (New York Stock Exchange)
  • ASPI Eurozone (Euronext)
  • FTSE4Good (London Stock Exchange).

Extra-financial rating agencies assess and rate the practices of companies with respect to environmental, social and governance challenges. These three financial markets use the analyses from the SAM, Vigeo and EIRIS agencies to select the companies.

Socially Responsible Investment:

  • encourages companies to be more transparent with respect to their sustainable development practices;
  • is used to analyse and externally assess the sustainable development performance of companies;
  • gives an economic value to the sustainable development performance of companies (risk reduction and opportunities for long-term development).
Schneider Electric has been committed to a sustainable development approach since 2002, when the sustainable development department was created. Its presence in the main SRI index families validates the Group's sustainable development choices and efforts through external and independent assessment.

Sustainable development department
Sustainable development performance manager
Scope Sustainable development department and managers of the Group's sustainable development programmes and projects (purchases, health & safety, production, etc.)
Calculation Presence in the DJSI Stoxx and World, ASPI Eurozone and FTSE4Good index families
Reporting Annual
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