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Sustainable Development & Foundation


Energy efficiency


7 points above Schneider Electric’s annual growth gained every year by our energy efficiency activities


3.8 points above Schneider Electric’s half-year growth gained by our energy efficiency activities on July 1st, 2010.


Schneider Electric’s objective is to increase the share of Energy Efficiency revenues in total revenues

Schneider Electric offers a comprehensive response for residential, building, energy and infrastructure and data and network markets with energy efficiency solutions that help you turn energy saving into growth!

Our 4 sustainability steps offer a way to achieve successful energy efficiency:

  • Measure energy use to identify potential savings and malfunctions
  • Install low consumption equipment and systems
  • Improve long term use by deploying automation management, consulting, training and tracking resources while maintaining high performance.
  • Continuously analyse energy savings through maintenance, supervision and monitoring.
Solutions & Energy Efficiency department
Energy Efficiency business manager
Scope Energy Efficiency enablers (line of business  that are representative of our Energy Efficiency activity level)
Calculation The sales growth of our energy efficiency activities is compared to the sales growth of all Schneider Electric's activities. Growth data are calculated year to date: for instance, the sales during first semester are divided by the sales during the first semester of the previous year to calculate the growth over the period.
Reporting Quarterly
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