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Sustainable Development & Foundation


ISO 14 001 Certification


2/3 of our workers work in ISO 14 001 certified sites


68% of our workers worked in ISO 14 001 certified sites on July 1st, 2010.

ISO 14 001 is an international environmental standard awarded by an independent body (the International Standardization Organisation, ISO). It ensures that the site (manufacturing, logistics, commercial or office) has set up a system to manage its environmental impacts: the certified site must implement an environmental policy, action plans, controls, corrective actions and management reviews. ISO 14 001 certification is awarded after an audit has been carried out by an accredited body.

Schneider Electric has both manufacturing (factories and logistic centres) and tertiary (offices and sales agencies) activities on many sites. None of these sites is Seveso classified. To manage environmental risks and reduce the impact of its sites' activities on the environment, the Group is setting up management systems certified by the international ISO 14 001 standard. The Group specifically monitors the water and energy it consumes, the waste it produces and recovers and the volatile organic compounds (VOC) it emits.

Schneider Electric wants to continuously improve the environmental impact of its sites. The Group continues to pursue its intention that all its manufacturing and logistics sites, as well as all its tertiary sites (registered offices, sales agencies, research and development offices, etc.) with more than 300 employees, will achieve ISO 14 0001 certification. ISO 14 0001 certification makes it possible to improve the global environmental impact of the Group's sites throughout the world. 
Schneider Electric has had ISO 14 001 certified sites since the standard appeared in 1996.

Sustainable development department
Environment manager
Scope All manufacturing & logistics sites > 50 workers and all tertiary sites > 300 workers
Calculation (# Average workforce working in ISO 14001 certified sites / # Average workforce) x 100
A closed/sold site during the reporting year is no more  counted on numerator.
“Workers“ refers to all people working in the sites, including staff from temporary employment agencies.
Reporting Biannual
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