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Recommendation by employees


14 points increase in the company's employee recommendation score


+12 points has been the progression of the employee recommendation score from January 1st, 2010.


Schneider Electric’s employee recommendation score is measured by the question “How likely is that you would you recommend Schneider Electric as a good place to work?” Every 3 months, one quarter  of our employee are polled and answer on a scale from 0 to 10, where 0 means "Extremely unlikely" and 10 means "Extremely likely”.

Schneider Electric’s objective is to have a complete picture of how employees feel about working at Schneider Electric in order to promote Schneider Electric as an employer of choice in decreasing the number of detractors.

Schneider Electric’s target is to reach a positive employee recommandation score by the end of 2011. To meet this target, several actions are deployed on different subjects like career development, managerial communication, Health & Safety in the workplace, etc.

Global Human Resources department
People Engagement manager
Scope 100% Schneider Electric employees having an email address, 80% of our Blue collars on site without email address. ¼ of Schneider Electric employees polled each quarter.
Calculation Recommandation score = [%Promoters] – [%Detractors]
• Rating 9 or 10 = promoters
• Rating 7 or 8 = passives (not taken into account in the calculation)
• Rating 0 to 6= detractors
Quarter result is valid for employees census.
Reporting Quarterly
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