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Sustainable Development & Foundation


Company creation


500 contractors at the Base of the pyramid* set up their activities in the electricity sector


130 entrepreneurs at the Base of the Pyramid set up in their activities in the electricity sector from January 1st, 2010.


The populations at the Base of the Pyramid live on a purchasing power parity of less than 3000$ per year. Schneider Electric helps contractors to become skilled electricians, electrical contractors or specialized energy access professionals. The Group provides funding and technical and commercial support via partnerships with organizations specializing in providing assistance with the creation of companies and microcredits.

Access to electricity opens the way to economic and social development. The provision of such access and the maintenance of the equipment require professional know-how to guarantee optimum operation of such facilities. It therefore involves encouraging the creation of companies or professional activities in this field. Creating a small-scale business requires a minimum amount of equipment, and consequently funding, which the populations concerned cannot access.

Schneider Electric’s ambition is to:

  • encourage the populations at the Base of the pyramid to create companies in these areas of activity. They can first be trained within the framework of programmes in which Schneider Electric participates. In this way, the Group participates in the training and creation of activities in this field.
  • promote the economic development of its customers.

Sustainable development department
Sustainable Investments Manager
Scope Dedicated BipBop programme managers and managers in the countries concerned
Calculation Number of company creators supported
Reporting Biannual

*Indicator part of the BipBop programme

BipBop is the Schneider Electric’s access to energy programme. The Group has developed BipBop, a sustainable programme to bring safe, clean electricity to people who need it the most worldwide. BipBop programme aims at developing solutions dedicated to needs and wants of poor communities, providing financial support to SMEs and entrepreneurs in the field of energy access and training young disadvantaged people to electricity trades. Three indicators, that are part of the Planet & Society Barometer, monitor BipBop programme progress:

  • Contribute to the electrification of one million households at the Base of the Pyramid (BoP),
  • Train 10,000 young from the BoP in the electricity professions
  • Set up 500 new entrepreneurs from the Bop in the electricity sector.
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