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Sustainable Development & Foundation


Measurement and monitoring


Indicator calculation: simple and educational

The result is a grade out of 10 representing the status of Schneider Electric's 13 sustainable development progress plans. Each progress plan is awarded a grade out of 10 in exactly the same way and contributes equally to the global indicator. These grades correspond to specific performance.

  • The starting grade
    Schneider Electric decided to launch the Planet & Society Barometer on 01/01/2009 with a starting grade of 3/10. The Group measures the actions already being taken in the areas concerned.
  • The target grade
    The goals of the action plans are set to allow the company to make progress and to obtain the grade of 8/10 by 2011.


The progress plans are monitored quarterly. The results from the local entities are consolidated centrally to give the performance of the entire Group.
The information measurement and consolidation tools are audited annually by an external, independent company.

Internal organisation

Sustainable development management builds and controls the Planet & Society Barometer. The departments directly concerned (human resources, environment, services & projects, the Foundation, etc.), each represented by a manager, implement the actions that will enable them to progress. This manager works in direct contact with the local company managers in their respective field.

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