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The Foundation’s strength: its network of delegates

The Foundation's network-based structure provides an original and extremely well-adapted means for implementing locally-driven, strong human-factor and long lasting corporate sponsorship activities, in addition to energizing the players involved.

Delegates are selected at each site based on volunteerism that is recognised and "made official" via an appointment letter signed by the site's and the Foundation's managers for a two-year assignment. Today, the Foundation has 200 delegates worldwide (outside France, a delegate often represents 2 or 3 sites and heads up the team of correspondents in his or her country), with their mission consisting of:

  • Selecting community organizations dedicated to the social integration of young people and keeping these partnerships alive.
  • Creating local events which are adapted to the country's culture to get employees as involved as possible.
  • Informing employees of the Foundation's activities at the site.
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