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        Canada and the USA - Habitat for Humanity
        Involving Schneider Electric volunteers in projects to build low-cost housing for disadvantaged people.

        Chile - Centro de excelencia de mantenimiento de los sistemas automatizados – Schneider Electric
        Equipping the Schneider Electric centre for training students in the maintenance of industrial automated systems for training young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. 

        Russia – Moscow Institute 
        Enabling 10 disabled young people to access higher education and to attend lessons in automatic control systems at the Moscow Institute. 

        Antartic - International Polar Foundation
        Schneider Electric reinforces its partnership with the International Polar Foundation by providing the electrical distribution and building utilities management for Princess Elisabeth, the first “Zero Emission” scientific research station

        Indonesia – Nurani Dunia/Mone 
        Renovating and equipping the laboratories at the technical schools in Banda Aceh and in Pleret on Java to train young people in the electrical professions.

        Turkey - Cadgas Yasami Destekleme Dernegi
        Providing financial support for 50 girls to continue their studies in the electricity field

        Lebanon – Seeds of hope 
        Improving the training capacity of 6 technical schools in electricity, electronics and electro-mechanics.  
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