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Due to the "business to business" nature of its activities, Schneider Electric products are almost all placed outside the field of the WEEE directive. However, the Group actively undertakes a responsible approach and has launched a special programme..

Schneider Electric’s commitment

  • In this field, Schneider Electric's action focuses on three areas:
  • identifying treatment channels for its products at end of life, integrating product end of life from its design phase, via eco-design which implies, from its design, accounting for the scrapping phase in the life cycle of the product,
  • reducing the volume of waste generated during the process.


  • Schneider Electric integrates the "end of life" instructions in the product documentation to inform its customers of good practices to respect the safety of
    people and the environment at this stage.
  • In all the 25 European countries, Schneider Electric has joined collective bodies in charge of managing electrical equipment waste.
  • For the other products, in the spirit of environmental responsibility, Schneider Electric undertakes to apply the principles of this directive to the whole of its supply,  to seek to ensure that the end of life of professional electrical equipment is taken care of, from an organisational and financial perspective.
    Thus, in France, Schneider Electric is generating a more global reflection concerning.
  • Effective and respectful management of the environment and building waste. It is working on this subject in collaboration with all those on the ground.
  • Developing a service supply for holders of electrical materials.
  • Participating in the development of recognised and standardised methods to determine the recycling potential of electrical products.
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