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Because waste is a major source of pollution but also a potential source of raw materials, waste management is a priority in environmental protection. As a producer, Schneider Electric is responsible for waste management.

Recognised as one of the main sources of pollution but also a potential resource for a primary material, waste management is one of the priorities on the subject of environmental protection.

This priority is translated by its political commitments or regulations which especially cover waste from finished electrical products, like the European directive Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE).

Schneider Electric’s commitment
Due to the 'business to business' nature of its activities, Schneider Electric products are almost all placed outside the field of the WEEE directive and the final user is responsible for their end of life.
However, Schneider Electric actively undertakes a responsible approach to the subject of waste and has launched a special programme so that organisation and financing of waste treatment and its products are operational with regard to safety of people and the environment.

Also, it fully integrates the concept of recycling in the design of its products to optimise the cost for the holder and the cost as a natural resource.

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