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Our Commitment


Our materials and equipment are little or indirectly affected:
Only a very small part of our offering is directly covered by the Directive, but a wider part is indirectly affected: components that are built-into equipment (finished products) that fall within the scope of the Directive.

Schneider Electric has nevertheless decided to make the RoHS compliance plan a priority and commits itself way beyond the demands of the Directive:
- By ensuring the compliance by July 2006 of products that are directly covered by the scope of the Directive or which will often be integrated into equipment that is covered by the scope of the Directive.
- By helping integrators, machine manufacturers, OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and distributors meet the obligations of the Directive.
- By taking part with its suppliers in an on-going search for substitute products in compliance with product quality and performance requirements.
- By taking part in lobbying campaigns to share a common view of the Directive and propose guides for implementation
- By preparing for the elimination of the six substances from its LV offering by December 2008, including even products not covered by the Directive.

In France, a major co-operation effort is underway within the French Federation of Electrical, Electronics and Communications Industries (FIEEC) to:
- Ensure a shared vision of the Directive's field of application,
- Create an explanatory and handy guide (FIEEC, Gimelec).
At the European level, these actions are prolonged by shared efforts involving professional associations from each member state: ZVEI (Germany), GAMBICA (United Kingdom), ANIE (Italy), AFME (Spain), AGORIA (Belgium), etc.

The purpose of this inter-association work is to:
- Set out a shared vision of Directive interpretation as expressed in a European guide (ORGALIME).
- Produce practical tools for applying the Directive: decision tree, list of products that are in/out.
- Organize the transition for applying the Directive