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RoHS China directive or MAPCEIP


The Chinese directive MAPCEIP (Measures for Administration of the Pollution Control of Electronic Information Products) has now been enforced in China since March, 1st 2007. This directive deals with the same six hazardous substances as the European RoHS, but its scope of impacted products is limited to the Electronic Information Products (EIP's). Basic examples are electronic radar and communication products... MAPCEIP is different than European RoHS, even if they have sometimes similarities.

Schneider Electric has always taken the leadership in China by applying the highest standard on its products, respecting and enforcing the certification (CCC, European RoHS…). Schneider Electric has set up a "China RoHS" implementation plan and is currently executing all necessary actions in labeling, design, manufacturing and purchasing.

The “China RoHS” implementation will follow a three steps plan :

  • Labeling the products in the scope. (March, 1st 2007)
  • Registration and certification. (Mid 2008)
  • Restriction of hazardous substances. (From 2009 to 2015)