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RoHS, REACH Compliance

  With the health of its employees and users of its products as a priority, Schneider Electric undertakes to go down the road of eliminating hazardous and sensitive substances, beyond what is demanded by regulations.

Legislation in the field is one of the most abundant. You can quote namely for the EU, regulations 76/769/EEC (related to restrictions on the marketing and use of certain hazardous substances and preparations), RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) and REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation of Chemicals).

Schneider Electric’s commitment
This problem features among Schneider Electric’s priorities; it includes 4 main objectives, complying beyond the demands of legislation:

  • anticipating future usage regulations or restrictions,
  • helping our customers to respect current or future legislation,
  • promoting the measure within the electrical industry,
  • removing these substances from its processes and products.

The management of hazardous substances consists of firstly preparing a list of Schneider Electric’s own hazardous and sensitive substances, based on market concerns. Divided into two categories, Forbidden Substances and Substances to be declared, it takes into account legal requirements, customer questions, competition obligations and even strong tendencies in the supply chain. Management of hazardous substances is divided into 2 specific programmes; RoHS and REACH, implemented within the whole of the Group. All business operations are implemented (purchases, logistics, industry,communication, etc.).

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