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Sustainable Development & Foundation


Product Environmental Profile Programme

With the implementation of PEPs (or Product Environmental Profile), Schneider Electric chose transparency for customers.

Schneider Electric’s commitment
For each product Schneider Electric undertakes to publish a Product Environmental Profile (PEP). It provides customers with information on their environmental performances during their life cycle as well as the best treatment solutions at the end of their life. To ensure transparency and the validity of the data, it complies with ISO 14025 in an inter-professional programme which sets shared calculation and drafting rules for publishing the environmental impacts of products.

In the context of the Group’s participation in an ISO14025 programme, credible, experienced and tested, the organisation specifications for an inter-professional body, product modelling and document checking were developed. Human and financial means have been allocated for this organisation.
The provisions taken to achieve the environmental statements cover the whole process.

Schneider Electric chose the Environmental Information & Management Explorer software method to achieve its full product life cycle analyses. Schneider Electric has chosen the EIME (Environmental Information & Management Explorer software) for Analysing Life Cycles. This software has been specially developed for the needs of the electrical and electronic industry.


Planet & Society Barometer progress plan

  • 2/3 of our products’ revenues achieved with Green Premium products

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