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           By reducing the environmental impact of its products, eco-design benefits Schneider Electric customers... and our planet

        The context
        It’s in Europe that regulatory initiatives on the subject are more numerous and advanced. The current priority concerns energy consumption but the desire to reduce impacts extends to other impacts such as limits on dangerous substances, waste production and energy consumption.

        Therefore, to encourage the development of more environmentally-friendly products the European Union enacted an Energy using Products (EuP) framework directive in 2005 (directive on the eco-design of products) which seeks to promote eco-design approaches in priority sectors, or even to specify the aims of impacts for some products.

        Schneider Electric’s commitment
        Although Schneider Electric’s supply is outside of the EUP target, it generalises the eco-design approach to all its developmental activities and undertakes to communicate the environmental features of its products through Product Environmental Profiles (PEPs)

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