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Serge Goldenberg : Senior Vice-President, Quality

Serge Goldenberg

Senior Vice-President, Quality

Date of birth: 29/04/1965
Married, 2 children



Business School (ESLSCA), major in Marketing

Professional experience

After beginning his career in food & beverage marketing, Serge joined Schneider Electric in 1990 and spent since then a total of 12 years in Asia where he held various positions at Merlin Gerin Japan, Schneider Electric China, Toshiba Industrial Product Sales and Schneider Electric Japan. His experience encompasses responsibilities in fields including financial control, marketing, information systems, sales and general management. He has been directing Customer satisfaction improvement initiatives since mid 2005.



international teams, pragmatism, innovating technologies


bad service



Favourite quotation:

“Fall seven times, stand up eight” – Japanese proverb

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