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About us

Management Team

Jean-Pascal Tricoire

> Jean-Pascal Tricoire

President & Chief Executive Officer (*)


Global functions

Emmanuel Babeau

> Emmanuel Babeau

Chief Financial Officer (*)

Hervé Coureil

> Hervé Coureil

Chief Information Officer

Aaron Davis

> Aaron Davis

Chief Marketing Officer

Philippe Delorme

> Philippe Delorme

Executive Vice President, Strategy & Innovation

Karen Ferguson

> Karen Ferguson

Executive Vice-President, Global Human Resources

Hal Grant

> Hal Grant

Executive Vice-President, Global Supply Chain

Christian Wiest

> Christian Wiest

Executive Vice-President, Customers & Alliances



Chris Curtis

> Chris Curtis

Executive Vice-President, Power North America Business

Julio Rodrìguez

> Julio Rodrìguez

Executive Vice-President, Power Global & EMEAS Business (***)

Eric Rondolat

> Eric Rondolat

Executive Vice-President, Power Asia-Pacific Business

Michel Crochon

> Michel Crochon

Executive Vice-President, Industry Business

Chris Curtis

> Chris Curtis

Executive Vice-President, Buildings Business

Eric Pilaud

> Eric Pilaud

Executive Vice-President, Custom Sensors & Technologies Business (**)

Laurent Vernerey

> Laurent Vernerey

Executive Vice-President, IT Business

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(*) Management Board
(**) President & CEO, Custom Sensors & Technologies Inc.
(***) Europe, Middle East, Africa and South America