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The history of Merten

Since 1906, Merten has stood for trailblazing and well-designed solutions for intelligent buildings. Innovativeness, quality, and design play the most important role in the development and implementation of solutions and new products.

1906: The Merten brothers establish the company in Gummersbach, Germany. 

At the beginning, Merten focused on manufacturing electrical installation material for buildings, industry and car parts, then moving into plugs and connectors in 1926. It was in 1961 that Merten began to show its potential in innovation and design, through its first switch range with a screwless cover. This design soon became the standard. Merten introduced the first “architect‘s switch” in 1969 with the 70s style switch range. It was the first switch range without a central plate. Three years later, Merten introduced the first designer switch range to the market.

In addition to design, Merten began to focus on security in 1985. By inventing the ARGUS movement detectors, the name ARGUS meant security all around the house for Merten. In 1998, ARGUS presence detectors, ideal for offices, long corridors, and wherever energy depends on human presence, began commercialisation. The ARGUS smoke detecter followed the year later: the first smoke detector with radio networking on the reliable frequency 868 MHz.

The 21st century has continued in the paths of Merten’s history of design success. In 2000, TRANCENT, the first glass pushbutton in the world, hit the market, followed by PLANTEC, both a multi-function pushbutton for controlling light, scenes and blinds, and an intelligent control unit for control of room temperatures all in one. The merten@home in 2004, allowing control of all building functions by PDA, PC or TV. Sales of the CONNECT radio system, a progressive Z-Wave technology with innovative re-routing, begun in 2006.

Merten joined Schneider Electric in 2006, contributing to the global presence it has today in electrical installation.


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