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The history of Lauritz Knudsen

Founded in 1893, Lauritz Knudsen (also referred to as LK) has become the leading developer and manufacturer of electrical devices in Denmark.

1893: Lauritz Knudsen was established in Copenhagen by the watchmaker Lauritz Knudsen

He quickly became aware that electricity would radically change our society, and he invested in the development and manufacturing of electrical devices, which still today is Lauritz Knudsen's primary business.

The period from the founding of the company until the late 1960s was characterised by an expansive product development. Lauritz Knudsen produced virtually everything that was electric - from irons, radios, speakers, stoves, electric clocks, power distribution boards and high voltage equipment. Today Lauritz Knudsen is focusing on sockets, outlets, data communication and intelligent house control for the residential area and commercial buildings. In 1968 Lauritz Knudsen merged with its largest competitor on the Danish market, the company NES, and changed its name to LK-NES. In 1995 Lauritz Knudsen merged with the Finnish group Ahlstrøm into a 50/50% Danish-Finnish-owned electricity group called Lexel A/S.

As part of the acquisition of Lexel, Lauritz Knudsen joined Schneider Electric in 1999. In 2005 Lauritz Knudsen and Schneider Electric Denmark A/S merged into one legal entity, and in 2007 the two former companies moved together into one headquarters outside Copenhagen.

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