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The history of Feller

Since 1909, Feller has produced both high quality Swiss products and satisfied customers.  Feller is today the Swiss market leader in Electrical Installation.

1909: Adolf Feller, from Bern, took over the company in Horgen.

He developed it as a company distributing Electrical Installation material, as this offer was very infrequently made in Switzerland.  Importing merchandise was very difficult during the First World War, so Adolf Feller decided to develop a production line.  The building blocks of today’s Feller and its production of switches and sockets in Horgen were thus born.

In 1931, following the sudden death of its leader, Feller began management under Elisabeth Feller, at the time only 21 years old.  She led Feller for 40 years, while at the same time focusing on social issues.  Thanks to her generous engagement, employees at Feller benefited from sick and retirement insurance in the 1940s, a rarity at the time.

In addition to the standard production lines popular for years, Feller launched in 1991 an assorted design of EDIZIO sockets and switches in 14 different colours, to be used as accents to interior design.  The huge success of this idea has continued since 2003, with the assortment EDIZIOdue that followed.

For several years, Feller has developed and constructed solutions for building technical management, upon which the company has created for itself a strong position on the market.  The lighting electric control system and the Zeptrion blinds are two good examples. There is also a strong market trend toward efficiency in energy management concerning lighting control and user comfort for home electronics as KNX systems.

In 1992, Schneider Electric acquired Feller, to enhance its solution catalogue in Switzerland. 

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