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        Coleman Hines is now Schneider Electric


        Coleman Hines, the former U.S. headquarters of European-based M&C Energy Group has joined with Summit Energy. The combined organizations provide comprehensive broad-based solutions under one integrated entity, Schneider Electric.

        Coleman Hines specializes in energy management and energy incentive services. To learn more about the services we provide, please click on any of the links below:

        Energy & Sustainability Consulting

        Our team can guide you through developing, executing and refining your organization’s sustainability program through strategy, technology and implementation.

        Data Management

        Making well-informed, relevant energy and sustainability decisions requires organized and dependable data

        Energy Procurement

        To get the highest value for your energy dollar, it pays to take a more strategic approach to energy procurement.

        Rate Analysis

        Control energy costs in a regulated energy market with rate and tariff analysis, utility negotiations, utility bill auditing and tax exemption opportunities.

        Budget Development

        Your energy budget should allow you to more accurately allocate funds for future energy costs using market research and estimating costs for each-and-every facility you manage.

        Rebates & Incentive Services

        Offset capital costs of efficiency upgrades, new construction, retrofits and capital maintenance projects with our rebate management experts that will capture opportunities on your behalf.

        Risk Management

        Implementing an energy risk management program can protect your company from the negative financial and operational impacts of exposure to the energy markets.

        Market Intelligence

        Stay abreast of important energy and sustainability developments relevant to your organization and act on potential opportunities with intelligent decision-making.

        Energy and Carbon Reporting

        Instantly access your energy and environmental information via Resource Advisor, our online energy management and sustainability software.

        Consumption Workshops

        Participate in this workshop to identify operating efficiencies within your company and empower your personnel to capture those opportunities.

        Sustainability and Efficiency Projects

        Develop sustainability and energy efficiency projects and plans to maximize savings and measure success.
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