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The History of Coleman Hines


Coleman Hines provides energy consulting and rebate incentive management to national multi-site clients throughout North America with specialized expertise in retail and restaurant organizations.

They have earned a strong reputation through the effective management of energy programs, customized client solutions and their client-centric approach.

Coleman Hines began as a woman-owned business in April, 2000.  In February, 2012, they were acquired by M&C Energy Group to become the U.S. headquarters for the European-based company.

Through its 12 years of growth, Coleman Hines was acclaimed by its Fortune 500 clients to be the premier energy consulting company offering hands-on client specific experience.

In April, 2012, Schneider Electric acquired M&C Energy Group , the parent company of Coleman Hines.  As part of that acquisition, the company joined Summit Energy  (a previous acquisition by Schneider Electric) and integrated into the Louisville, KY based team.  Coleman Hines continues to operate out of the Phoenix, Arizona office.

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