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The history of Clipsal

Founded in Australia in 1920, Clipsal has become one of the leaders in electrical accessory products, known for its innovation and quality, in Asia.

1920: Alfred Gerard developed the product that gave the company its name, an adjustable, one size “clips all” metal conduit fitting.

The company spearheaded several manufacturing breakthroughs, including the first all-Australian switch in 1930. In the 1950s the company pioneered thermoplastics which led to world firsts including the PVC Cord top, vertical combination switched socket and more.

During the 1970s the company began exporting to Asia well before it became the practice of Australian companies. The famous E Series accessories proved to be very popular throughout the Asian region. In the 80s and 90s the Clipsal brand continued to expand on the strength of many innovative products, reaching its market leading position that it currently enjoys.

In the last decade, the company’s Datacomms division has forged ahead as a market leader in the data communications market while the company’s C-Bus automation technology has become the main supplier of building and home automation to both commercial and residential markets.

Over the years, Clipsal has grown and evolved with great success. Their marketing initiatives and consumer campaigns ensure commitment to valued customers. Some of the more prominent initiatives include - Club Clipsal International, Demand The Brand, Clipspec and The Essential Checklist.

In 2003, Schneider Electric acquired Clipsal.  This important acquisition fulfilled a vital niche for the Schneider Electric Group, securing market leadership of the Australian and Asia Pacific electrical accessories residential market and a major stronghold in the automation and data communication markets.

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