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Should You Repair or Replace Your Electrical Equipment?


Must Be Replaced

  • Miniature and molded-case circuit breakers
  • Multi-metering equipment
  • Safety switches (AC/DC disconnects)
  • Load centers and panelboard interiors
  • Switchboard interiors
  • Dry-type transformers
  • Busway
  • All solid-state components
  • All electro-mechanical relays, contactors, starters, etc.
  • Solid-state motor starters
  • Adjustable speed drives
  • Programmable logic controllers

May be reconditioned

  • Switchboard enclosures
  • Switchgear enclosures
  • Iron frame low voltage circuit breakers
  • Medium voltage circuit breakers
  • Low voltage bolted pressure switches
  • Medium voltage switches
  • Motor control center enclosures
  • Panelboard and load center enclosures
  • Liquid-filled transformers
  • Cast-resin transformers

* Equipment should only be reconditioned by trained factory service personnel. Reconditioning may include the repair or replacement of internal components. The ability to recondition will vary