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Innovation Engineer

You work as an R&D engineer in the Innovation Department. What does your work entail?

I develop new composite materials that are to be used in our products. I am specialised in the chemical engineering of polymers and – more broadly – in the area of ‘plastics’.

What research programme are you working on currently?

Currently, I’m conducting research on recyclable ‘green’ bio-plastics, manufactured from environmentally sound materials, using waste-free processes and renewable resources, such as cellulose.

What will your research in ‘green’ bio-plastics bring to Schneider Electric?

The use of durable plastics in our products will enable us to strengthen our hand against the competition in the area of public procurement while leveraging the EU Eco-label, recyclability, waste management and use of renewable materials. Another long-term research direction is the biomass from which we will produce tomorrow’s plastics through biorefining. The findings of this research must be both environmentally sound and economical.

What do you enjoy most about your profession?

My profession requires me to be both resourceful and practical. We must explore new areas. But our research must ultimately be applied and translated into innovation in our products. Our research programmes last from three to five years and must result in models – or even prototypes.

You are enrolled in our Edison programme that aims to promote our technological experts. What do you stand to gain from it?

It’s a fantastic opportunity to gain recognition for your work and to be part of a dynamic team focused on this area of expertise.

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