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Senior Internal Auditor
United States

What does an internal auditor do?

We audit our company subsidiaries regularly in specific risk areas identified by executive management. Beyond our analysis, we provide recommendations aimed at enhancing growth and efficiency.

What does an internal audit entail?

Each five-week audit involves a team of five or six auditors. During the first week, we familiarise ourselves with the entity, process or risk to be audited. This preparatory phase enables us to gain an understanding of the issues and introduce ourselves to those in charge. We gather documentation and conduct preliminary interviews. Next comes the core of the audit - the fieldwork - conducting interviews, analyses and tests. During the final phase, we present our assessment of the current state of affairs and our recommendations to the management team.

What has your experience brought you?

We have a rigorous methodology and it's a fascinating job with a lot of variety. We are constantly learning, dealing with different topics and people. And because we are an international company, our auditing activities have worldwide scope and involve a lot of travel. It's a demanding and rewarding experience, and after a few years it can lead to a variety of other jobs, such as in finance.

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