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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Schneider Electric different?


What makes Schneider Electric employees unique?

Schneider Electric is a global specialist in energy management and market leader in industrial automation and software.  We make energy safe, reliable, efficient, productive and green. We strive to be passionate, open, straightforward, and effective in all that we do. These values define our company, our customer approach, and our business methods. Schneider Electric employees understand this and welcome the challenge to live these values every day. This mission is what makes Schneider Electric –and its employees– unique.


What does it mean to be a multicultural company?

Schneider Electric uses a globalized organizational model. Colleagues on the same functional teams often live in different parts of the world. This multicultural, multinational approach to business promotes greater understanding and appreciation of our common global challenges. This is part of daily life at Schneider Electric and we welcome it.


What about gender balance? Are women actively recruited and promoted within Schneider Electric?

Gender balance is a key priority for Schneider Electric. Career development and leadership opportunities are available equally to male and female employees.  We have developed an e-learning module and conducted workshops and group meetings to ensure that all business entities recognize and support our gender balance objectives.


Does Schneider Electric encourage work/life balance?

Schneider Electric understands the importance of a peaceful, pleasant work environment and the balance between your professional and personal life. Depending on your location, a range of services can help you balance work with the other demands of your lifestyle. Flexible hours, childcare benefits, support networks, and home care for the elderly are available in some countries.


Do you offer employment programmes specifically for young professionals?

Schneider Electric offers a variety of excellent development programmes for talented young professionals around the world. One of our popular international programmes is called Marco Polo. Designed for high-potential employees that have proven quick success with Schneider Electric, the programme offers participants the chance to take work assignments outside their home countries. Marco Polo gives these career-focused professionals a unique cross-cultural experience that is rarely available to those just entering the workforce.


What’s happened to Invensys, its people and products?

Schneider Electric purchased Invensys in January 2014 to reinforce its position in industrial automation and electro-intensive segments.

Many of the products which were under the Invensys umbrella continue to operate under Schneider Electric, and we will continue to grow these market-leading technology and products. Thousands of former Invensys employees are now Schneider Electric colleagues – boosting our global workforce to over 160,000.


How do I apply for a job with Schneider Electric?


How do I apply for a position with Schneider Electric?

It’s simple. Look under the ‘Careers’ section on the Schneider Electric website, where you will find a subsection entitled ‘Jobs with Us’. Click on ‘Latest Job Postings’ to review all open positions within Schneider Electric. You can search by country, job function, or other criteria. If you do not see an appropriate position but would still like to submit an application, you may do so. Simply follow the instructions on the page. The recruitment team at Schneider Electric reviews all applications received and does its best to match qualified applicants with appropriate job opportunities.


What are the steps in the hiring process?

After a functional need has been identified and validated within Schneider Electric, the new job opportunity is posted. As applications are received and reviewed, potential candidates are identified and contacted. Interviews (and tests, if applicable) are conducted by the appropriate personnel, including human resource representatives and the hiring manager(s). Candidates may be invited back several times for further interviews. Once a hiring decision has been made, an offer is extended and a job contract executed.


I am not an engineer. Do I still have a place within your company?

Schneider Electric offers many exciting and challenging career paths.  Software design, marketing, finance, human resources, engineering, sales and business development are a few of the specialised areas that might better suit your unique experiences and abilities.  No matter where your talents lie, we help you Make the most of your energy! Consider a career with one of today’s most innovative, international leaders: Schneider Electric.


How long does it take to complete the online application?

The online job application takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.


What other documents will I be required to submit?

All candidates must submit a CV/resume and cover letter as well as a fully completed online application. Please submit all documents in English, the international language of business.


When can I expect a response from Schneider Electric?

While we cannot guarantee an answer within a specific time frame, Schneider Electric does its best to provide timely responses to prospective job candidates.


Where can I learn about available internships?

You can find all internship opportunities in our Job Search tool by clicking ‘Advanced Search’ and filtering by Job Type ‘Internship’. As in any application, interested candidates should complete an online application and submit a CV/resume and cover letter.


What can I expect if I am hired by Schneider Electric?


How are new employees welcomed into the company?

The Plug-in to Schneider Electric 90 Days Onboarding Programme is designed to assist new hires during their first three months, increasing their time to productivity and engagement. Our goal is to emphasize the Schneider Electric corporate culture, explain job responsibilities and objectives as well as company processes and procedures, and to ensure each new employee feels welcome in their new position.


Will I have the opportunity to travel?

We maintain a corporate presence in more than 100 countries worldwide. Schneider Electric does expect employees to travel if the business needs and functional requirements of their jobs mandate it. For those employees whose positions do not require travel, conference calls, video conferencing, or other communication methods will keep you in contact with your international colleagues.


What about mobility? Is it possible to change jobs within Schneider Electric and is that practice encouraged?

We work across countries, continents, and numerous business entities. Schneider Electric promotes active mobility to maximize our employees’ professional development and to enhance the transfer of skills from one job, function, or country to another. This is one of our top objectives and we work diligently to create these opportunities for interested and qualified employees. 


Could I pursue an international career at Schneider Electric?

Absolutely!  For many people, international postings offer an enhanced career development experience that simply cannot be attained otherwise. These opportunities exist for all employees who demonstrate potential, performance, and required skill. No distinctions are ever made based on origin, race, gender, or religion.


Tell me more about Schneider Electric


Where can I learn more about Schneider Electric core businesses?

All of Schneider Electric core businesses are featured on the corporate website Here you will find case studies, videos, and detailed explanations of the products, solutions, and services we offer around the world. 

To learn more about energy efficiency and the latest ideas in Intelligent Energy™ management, enroll in a free, online course at Energy University™. Look for the Energy University link on the Schneider Electric home page.


What is Schneider Electric doing to protect our planet?

Sustainable development is the guiding force behind all that Schneider Electric does. As the global specialist in energy management, we understand that the principles of sustainable development present exciting opportunities for growth and differentiation. Responsibility, a key element of sustainable development, is integral to our corporate culture and strategy. That is why, in 2005, Schneider Electric established the Planet and Society Barometer to measure our corporate social responsibility performance. You can follow our progress on

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