• Sharing technology to maximize productivity

      We connect with top market experts to provide best-in-class solutions for efficient industries. The Collaborative Automation Partner Program enables you to build a complete solution by selecting technology from our partners and integrating it with the Schneider Electric offer.

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      Collaborative Automation Partner Program

      Benefits and opportunities

      • Puzzle icon For customers When we implement an automation project or solution for you, we look to our CAPP partner companies to add innovative technologies, to help us respond quickly to your needs, and to provide any missing pieces of the automation solutions puzzle.
      • Handshake icon For partners We are interested in partnering with businesses that are developing solutions and products to complete our solutions. If your company wants to leverage the support of our business interfaces, this program is for you.

      How we can help you

      With more than 50 Technology Partners and more than 300 products, we help building complete automation solutions for your business. Our portfolio is divided in 3 categories :

      Discover our products and partners

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      • Schneider Electric and CAPP partner Niobrara, deliver innovative process control system expansion project ensuring customers satisfaction by delivering anticipated cost savings and time savings.

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        Data Centers
      • Together with CAPP technology partner Prosoft, Schneider Electric deliver project for automation renewal solution reducing installation time and cost, increasing system reliability and safety.

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        Data Centers
      • Schneider Electric engaged CAPP partner, Hirschmann Electronics to achieve the necessary level of network connectivity and reliability required for the tight integration of control systems in the world’s first 24/7 solar power plant.

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        Data Centers

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        To meet complex business and system requirements with simple, effective and efficient solutions, we cultivate an ecosystem that incorporates Collaborative Automation Technology Partners (CAPP). After stringent testing and validation, we recommend CAPP product offers to ensure we are responsive and flexible with our solutions.