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    Solution for complex machines with highly synchronized motion control

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    Your business issues are unique.

    You need to develop a machine with synchronized motion control. You are determined to offer a cost-effective solution that is energy efficient, flexible and optimized with embedded diagnostics.

    Our experts help you throughout the entire machine life cycle.

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    • Solutions

      A flexible, scalable motion controller-based solution with optimized performance. It uses a built-in CNC editor within SoMachine, which provides extensive flexibility and functionality. With motion drives connected over CANmotion, the solution is highly cost effective.

    • Value Proposition

      • Ready to use applications with detailed documentation
      • Strong support and pre-developed applications
      • TVDAs (tested, validated and documented architectures) with embedded safety features.
      • One supplier for a complete solution
    • Differentiation

      • Ready-to-use :
        - Complete applications with motion controller, servo drives over CANmotion.
        -Use the fully tested project templates
      • Customize your application:
        - Large choice of configuration with different numbers of axis can be selected
        - TVDAs can be reused and adapted based on needs
      • Optimize your panel size with compact controllers and drives
      • Reduce energy consumption: a set of libraries make embarking on energy efficiency just easy
      • Worldwide service and support from design experts and application centers
      • Multiple field bus supported: Modbus SL, CANopen, CANmotion