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    Smart Facility Management for Any Size Building

    Building automation isn't just for large buildings anymore.

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No matter the building size, underperforming building systems impact energy consumption, environmental quality and contribute to the high cost of building maintenance. Large buildings have benefited from building automation systems that routinely maintain equipment. Until now, that technology was too expensive or complex for buildings with a smaller footprint. But SmartStruxure Lite solution levels the playing field with a suite of applications designed to meet the specific needs of small to mid-sized buildings.

SmartStruxure Lite solution for small to mid-sized building systems and energy management

SmartStruxure Lite solution, powered by StruxureWare™ Building Expert
  • Solutions

    SmartStruxure Lite solution has leveled the BMS playing field with an affordable solution designed specifically for buildings with a smaller footprint, SmartStruxure Lite solution delivers immediate savings with better utilization of systems that impact facility maintenance, energy and occupant comfort. Finally, smaller buildings can enjoy the same technologies found in large-scale buildings at a fraction of the cost.
  • Value Proposition

    SmartStruxure Lite solution offers:
    • Lowest total cost of ownership with real-time building systems performance and energy management
    • Simplified, open architecture for a future-proof investment
    • Flexibility and scalability to meet building and business needs
  • Differentiation

    Schneider Electric offers:
    • Award-winning solutions for small and medium businesses with a proven and quick return on investment.
    • A dedicated team of professionals that understand the unique needs of small to mid-sized buildings and business owners
    • A national company with a rich history in providing quality brands and impeccable service and support to its customers
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The award-winning SmartStruxure suite of products and solutions encompasses an array of options suitable for any building type, use or budget. Overall, you can expect:
  • An open architecture that works with existing systems and equipment
  • Wireless and wired connectivity based on industry standards of communication
  • A flexible and scalable solution to support your growth and expansion needs
  • Applications for energy, power, plug load, refrigeration, zone or space metering and monitoring
  • 24/7 access to building system health and performance through applications and reports for trending, scheduling, alarms and energy usage
  • A national network of partners and branches to help customize, install and service your ongoing facility needs
  • For more information, see our small to mid-size building offerings, documentation and product previews


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    • Flexible. Meeting the unique needs of your building
    • Cost-effective. Affordable with low installation costs and quick ROI
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    • Non-intrusive. Wireless technology means minimal disruption
    • Easy retrofit. No new wiring equals an ideal solution for existing buildings
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    • Efficient. Tailored for new construction requirements
    • Scalable. Open standards allows for a future-proof solution